Banana You Happy-How to Open Up the Door to Your Future

The time is here humans! Open up the door to your future and walk through it. But wait. How does one do that?

I personally know so many people that are hanging onto jobs they absolutely know they should not be doing. I personally know some people that know they are in relationships that are going absolutely nowhere.

I personally know some people that are getting verbally abused by leadership at their jobs and are still sticking around. I personally know some people that are getting physically and/or mentally abused in relationships and are sticking with them.

If you fall into one of the categories above, I have some questions for you:

  • WHY??????

  • Is the stress really worth it all?

  • How is your health? I bet you are sick quite a bit or else have some other health issues going on.

  • What are your afraid of? Change?

Yes, that's exactly it. Change. Humans are big time afraid of change. My next set of questions for you:

  • What is the worst that could happen if you started to make some changes?

  • What if you made changes and got exactly what you wanted?

Stop with the excuses. I've heard so many excuses when it comes to making change. "I want to take my vacation first, then I'll try to get another job", "I'll wait until the sports season slows down, she's really stressed right now", "I'll wait until my kids get a little older."

All that I hear with each excuse is "fear, fear, fear."

I can say all this because I've been there. I've had the abusive relationships at work (I've been made to feel stupid and incompetent by at least 2 of my past leaders, even when I always was getting the highest review ratings that the company could give) and in abusive romantic relationships (getting things thrown at you by someone you love is never a good thing), I've been in dead end relationships, and I've been in jobs that I became bored with and knew it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing anymore.

If you are in an abusive relationship with a job, another human, yourself, or just know you aren't happy in a certain job or relationship, make a plan and take action. If the situation has been going on for 6 months, a year, or longer, it's time to move on NOW. You'd like to think things (the person, the job, the relationship) will change, but you are the one that needs to change something. You'll know it because you'll feel it in your heart. The situation will pang on your heart over and over and over again until you do something about it.

Some suggestions:

  • Start saving money. Maybe your next job involves starting your own business. Maybe you will need a place to live once you leave a relationship. You'll need money for both. Create a savings account and have a percentage of your income automatically go into that account. Don't work at a job that offers that? You can do it yourself, though some discipline is needed. Make a pact with yourself to deposit some money into a savings account every time you get paid, or try once a month. There are so many options other than bank accounts for saving money. Google "how to save money" and start saving!

  • Make connections. Start talking to people about your career goals. Find a mentor, make connections on social media, or go to local networking opportunities. Start making friends with your connections, because a true "connection" will have similar interests with you. Don't just connect with people to try to get a job. They will see right through that.

  • Let go. Sell your house (you may need to move for that next job), sell or donate your property (selling will help with the saving money, but donating is really a great thing to do too), and mentally let go of the job or people you need to. Letting go will ultimately be the hardest thing to do, but after a while, it gets easier and easier. I have let go of so much over the past year and it truly did get easier, as most things do the more you practice.

If you found yourself reading this all the way down to this very sentence, let me leave you with this thought. You have to make yourself happy; No one can do that for you. You read what I wrote for a reason. Maybe what I wrote are things that no one has told you yet or maybe what I wrote are things people have been telling you, yet you ignored them. Well, the time has come. You cannot ignore it anymore. Open up that door to your future and walk through.


Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden "Banana You Happy"

Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden "Banana You Happy"