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Carolyn Braden, 2019


A tiny whirlwind of a creator, Carolyn Braden, has been creating since she could hold a crayon. After earning her Masters degree in Art Education, she taught art to kids and adults for 10 years. She then went on to work in the corporate world to learn all about business and marketing. While working full-time, her creations were the focus of her weekends helping her to be featured on HGTV's That's Clever creating shibori-like textile art (her favorite!), InStyle Magazine, SchoolArts Magazine, Hallmark, Bustle.com and more.

On January 26th, 2018, she took a giant leap of faith and quit her job to work on her creations full time. She has been working on Carolyn's Blooming Creations daily, inspiring numerous people with her art and writing (Art and a Blog By Carolyn or The ABC), healthy recipe creations, creative ideas, DIY projects and more.

She's currently writing a motivational book "How to Be Yourself" (based on her own life experience), as well as creating hand dyed "People and Pet" Bandanas and selling them on her website and Etsy. She continues to grow Carolyn's Blooming Creations into a lifestyle brand that she hopes will inspire numerous people with her abundance of love and light, creations, and her ideas on how magical and beautiful life really is.

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Carolyn currently lives with her husband (Tommy), two Maine Coons (Ross and Monica) and American Eskimo (Minne Pearl) in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Carolyn and her husband, (Tommy) and their miniature American Eskimo, Minnie Pearl.  Carolyn and Tommy met in 2000 and married in 2003.

Carolyn and her husband, (Tommy) and their miniature American Eskimo, Minnie Pearl.

Carolyn and Tommy met in 2000 and married in 2003.

More about Carolyn’s Life Journey:

Carolyn has her Masters degree in Art Education and her Bachelors degree in Art/Photography. She worked on her Masters while teaching part-time at a small private school. After she received her Masters, she applied for the public school system and was hired. While she loved teaching and all things art, something else started calling her name. While teaching, she developed Carolyn’s Blooming Creations and started creating unique and delicious cakes and desserts. She also did quick creative bits with HGTV, SchoolArts Magazine, InStyle Magazine, The Courier Journal (a Louisville, KY based newspaper), various jobs in a talent agency, and more.

Teaching was fun for the 10 years she did it, but she felt in her heart that it wasn’t exactly what she was supposed to do full time anymore. Teaching (and all the prep work that goes along with it) took up a lot of her time and she yearned for more freedom to work on more of her own creative projects.

So, she decided to look for something new.

Her husband worked for a large health insurance company. One day he saw a position at the same company that looked like something Carolyn would be very good at. She applied, but was immediately rejected. Her husband knew she was right for the job, contacted someone in the department where she applied, and pleaded with them to give her a chance. They agreed. After Carolyn met with them, she was hired to be a Learning Consultant/Instructional Designer. While at the company, Carolyn learned marketing, business and people skills (and had some fun too). The position allowed her a little more freedom than teaching did and she also was able to use many of her creative talents to solve lots of problems. In her spare time, she kept Carolyn’s Blooming Creations going, but started branching out her brand include to wedding planning, special event planning, catering (with the Louisville Ballet Partners), continued making cakes/desserts, recipe creation, graphic design, Reiki energy healing, and more.

However, she heard her name being called once more to do something different.

After working through financial details and more with the help of her husband, she quit her job in January 2018. It was something she struggled with (who quits their full-time, decent paying job, based on a hunch?!), but knew it was necessary.

Guided by faith, and lots of support from her husband, family and friends, she started creating, creating and creating and has never been happier! She is now dedicating 100% of her time to her God-given artistic talents and Carolyn’s Blooming Creations.

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Her current projects include:

Carolyn loves creative challenges:

  • Her husband’s stomach issue/lactose intolerance fuels her passion to create recipes that are vegetarian and vegan. Her own struggle with how her body responds to too much sugar and dairy also fuels her recipe creations. She also posts healthy new recipes every week (to help others seeking healthy meal options) to her page Carolyn’s Daily Dishes.

  • Her love for reading and writing fueled her to write one young adult novel (which will be a book series) and two children’s books in 2018. She has turned the children’s books into podcasts that quickly became popular with her friend’s little girl, Brinley.

  • Her love of adventure is guiding she and her husband to sell their home in 2019 to travel in an RV across America. They have posted before and after photos of their home renovations on the page It’s a Bradenful Life before taking off in the RV. The page will then be dedicated to their travel adventures.

  • A big creative challenge that came her way in 2017 was illustrating a children's book. The book, Bridging Connections, by Ellen Venhoff and Margo Smith, is due out in late 2019.

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Did you know about Carolyn's other blogs?

Carolyn has created many blogs where she has discussed different topics over the years. They are all visual with photography (as one of her degree's is in photography) and also include written thoughts. There are links to each blog below and descriptions of each if you'd like to check them out.