Graphic by Carolyn J. Braden

Graphic by Carolyn J. Braden


Kids love being creative and so does Carolyn! This page is dedicated to igniting the creative spark embedded in their hearts and minds.

Being a former teacher, Carolyn knows what kids of all ages like and loves to create content specifically for them!

Carolyn aims to add new content every week, so check back often to consume more and more fun!

Kid Friendly CoMics!

Carolyn loves animals! Her Maine Coons, Ross and Monica, and her American Eskimo Minnie Pearl give her tons of silly ideas for comics.

Fun Fact: Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats. They have great hunting skills so they love to exercise these skills by playing with lots of toys!

Clicking on the comic images below will take you to quick little “behind the art” stories that Carolyn wrote to go with each comic.

Carolyn creates her comics using a very easy computer-based tool you probably have on your own computer: Microsoft PowerPoint!

Kid Friendly PUppet Videos!

Humphrey GoKart is Carolyn's puppet. She adopted him from a Target store once upon and time and the rest is history. Check out more of his videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids by searching for Carolyn's channel: carolynjbraden

Kid Friendly Art and Craft Videos!

Carolyn was an art teacher for 10 years and loved to share her love of creativity with her students. She also filmed quite a few art and craft how-to videos and put them on YouTube to help even more kids and adults be creative.

Fun story: One time, one of her elementary age students used her "How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake" video to make the craft for a church auction. It sold for quite a bit of money! Her student was so excited that something he made sold so well.

Check out all of her videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids by searching for Carolyn's channel: carolynjbraden

Kid Friendly Stories

Carolyn loved story time growing up! She's written quite a few stories herself. Here are a couple of them, podcast style, with Carolyn reading them!


Kid Friendly Recipes

Carolyn learned how to cook and bake as a child using her Sesame Street book collection. She particularly loved Cookie Monster's sugar cookie recipe! She encourages all children to learn how to cook and bake (with supervision of an adult!). Carolyn loved to experiment as a child (she sometimes just threw a bunch of ingredients together and they became a meal!) and she continues to do this as an adult. She encourages healthy eating, as she eats only organic and NON-GMO (GMO: Genetically Modified) foods. Eating healthy foods help your body and brain feel great!

She knows what kids like when it comes to food. Here are some recipes she created that children will love! All links will direct you to a page within Carolyn's Blooming Creations (Carolyn's Daily Dishes).

Carolyn Braden Ramen Noodles Recipe.jpg

Easy Cheesy Ramen Noodles for 1

Click this link for the recipe

Carolyn loved eating ramen noodles as a snack after school. However, she learned many ramen noodle seasoning packets are filled with lots of salt and other not-so-healthy ingredients. Carolyn's ramen recipe is one that can be created just as quickly as a packaged ramen snack. She gives you a way to make it vegan (plant-based, no animal-based ingredients) or not!

Carolyn Braden Vegan Franks n Beans Hotdogs.jpg

Vegan "Franks n' Beans" Hot Dogs

Click this link for the recipe

Carolyn loves hot dogs, but when she chose to stop eating meat years ago, hot dogs had to go. That was until she found veggie dogs! Here's a yummy way to eat veggie hot-dogs that she loves (and her husband, Tommy, also loves it!).