Vegan "Franks n' Beans" Hot Dogs

My new favorite quickie meal that I can't get enough of: Vegan Franks n' Beans Hot Dogs! Ready in 30 minutes or less and it is simply scrumptious.

As always, have fun with this recipe! Add your own toppings and twists and see what you can come up with. That's how this came about for me. I wanted Franks n' Beans and my husband wanted hot dogs with "ketchup only". So, he got his hot dog with "ketchup only" and I got my Franks n' Beans AND a new recipe!

Not vegan? Create it with regular hot dogs, baked beans and a smoky shredded gouda. YUM!

Serves 6-8


  • 2 cans baked beans (I used Amy's Vegetarian Baked Beans)
  • 1 package veggie hot dogs (I used Lightlife Smart Dogs)
  • 1 package hot dog buns (I used Ezekiel 4:9)
  • 1 package shredded vegan cheddar cheese (I used So Delicious brand)
  • olive oil cooking spray (or your favorite cooking spray)
  • 1 recipe of my Vegan Smoky Cheddar "Cheese" Sauce

How To:

  1. Make the Vegan Smoky Cheddar "Cheese" Sauce. Set aside.
  2. Heat the baked beans according to the can directions. I put mine in a saucepan and heated them on the stove top (on medium heat). I'm sure you could heat via a microwave too.
  3. While the baked beans are cooking, coat a grill pan with olive oil spray. Warm the pan on medium high heat for about 5-8 minutes. Place the hot dogs in a grill pan and cook for 10-15 minutes. (You could also grill your hot dogs on an outside grill or boil them if you prefer).
  4. When the beans are warm and hot dogs are cooked, assemble your meal. Place a hot dog inside a bun. Top with a couple of spoonfuls of baked beans, shredded cheddar cheese and drizzle with Vegan Smoky Cheddar "Cheese" Sauce.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Notes: I served mine with a side of Alexia's baked fries coated in Old Bay Seasoning.

Did you make this recipe? Leave me a comment below! I love to hear how people made my recipes their own! Or, post it to social media and tag it #carolynsdailydishes

 Photography by Carolyn J. Braden

Photography by Carolyn J. Braden