Art is Everything: Thank an Artist Today

I was an art teacher for 10 years. Most people think art teachers just teach painting, drawing and "coloring". I decided that I would not live up to that stereotype from the very beginning. I decided to teach children that art was SO MUCH MORE. I also believe in teaching adults this same concept. Adults often tell me they can't draw when they find out I create art. I instantly say "you can draw, you just didn't have the right teacher".

I say this because

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Stop The Battle: Just Flow

After watching a documentary and then researching salmon and how they spawn, I became highly inspired. I always thought salmon fought against the current to move from the ocean to the rivers, but in actuality, they don't. They, instead, have to figure out the best way to maneuver beneath the surface, which turns into a sort of a flow. That's the only way they'd be able to make it without tiring and dying in the process.

I believe humans can learn from salmon. Why not start to learn how to flow through life instead of battle it?

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Numbers, Numbers, Who's Got the Numbers?: How to Hear Your Messages

9:37 has been my natural wake-up time lately. In the past, I would have considered this specific time to be a random occurrence, but not anymore. Now I know there is much more to it. I now understand the numbers as being messages from my Angels, God and my Spirit Team.

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Disconnect to Reconnect: I Dare You

This is a PSA (public service announcement) for all those attached to their electronic devices while in the presence of friends and loved ones:


A long time friend of mine came over the other night. We hadn't seen each other in over a year, but I remembered everything he told me from our last phone conversation (which was a couple of months ago), so it was like we had just seen each other. We were able to pick right back up from where we left off and fill each other in on all the details of our lives. After he left, I realized neither of us had paid much attention to our phones the entire night.

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Be Fearless To Be Free

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." I first heard Jillian Michaels say this. I'm not sure she was the first to say it, but I like it. It definitely rings true in so many life situations.

We all are pushed in many ways to make changes in our lives, but often don't do it because we allow fear to take over our minds. We fear we won't have enough money. We fear losing our jobs. We fear someone won't like our ideas. We fear what others think of us. We fear the unknown. All that fear leads to us being uncomfortable and many humans do not like to be uncomfortable. That's a fact.

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Rock Out to Lock Out a Bad Mood

Not having a good day? Add some music! The effects of music are healing and can change a mood around very quickly. I know many people already know this, but I felt like a reminder was in order.

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Thank You for the Strength, Numbers.

I believe there is strength in numbers. When we are about to make great new changes in our lives, we must tell others. The more we tell, the better. When we do, their positive thoughts and words of encouragement help us to keep going and achieve greatness. The more positive thoughts are put out into the world, the more positive actions occur.

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How to Accomplish Marshmallow Dreams Sleep

Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep. It's not an every night thing, but it happens. My grandmother also has difficulty with falling asleep sometimes too. I figured if we both had issues with it, there must be others out there too.

There are so many reasons why people have a hard time falling asleep. The biggest sleep prevention, I believe, are the thoughts that dance through our minds.

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Removing the Roadblocks: Try Heart-Based Decision Making

“Get quiet and listen to your heart, for it speaks. It speaks a beautiful language. A language that guides your life.” ---Carolyn J. Braden, 4.4.18

I’ve been doing heart-based decision making for a long time but had no idea it was a “thing” until reading about it recently. Here’s what it is: If your heart tells you to do something, you should start working to secure it today. It’s not about doing what others are doing. It’s doing something that YOU feel you need to do, deep inside your soul.

Here’s the tough part about heart-based decision making: There may be some roadblocks that pop up and seem to prevent your heart from getting what it wants.

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Life After Loss: We're Here to Help (Yes, Even the Politicians)

Saturday, we went walking through one of my favorite Louisville landmarks, Cave Hill Cemetery. I sought a grave out, as I had driven past it months ago. I remembered it being a grave that was a sculpture of Jesus with his arms wide open, with children running to him. Saturday, we walked and walked around the cemetery until I found it again. I was shocked to see who’s grave it was. It was Governor Matt Bevin's (Kentucky) child’s grave. Brittiney died in a car wreck in 2003 at the age 17. I had no idea he lost a child. Many people have a lot of bad things to say about Governor Bevin right now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to politics. I may not agree with some of the decisions he has made (I am a former teacher and will always be in full support of all teachers), but I still have empathy for him. He went through a terrible loss and still grieves his daughter.

My husband said “She’s been dead for a while now though.” I said “It doesn’t matter. The sadness of losing a child never really goes away. Just talk to my mom about that.” My parents only had three months with their child, Jennefer Rose Pearce, before losing her in 1978

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Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come: Let's talk SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

I crave the sun. While I have very sensitive skin and burn easily, I still like to be in it. It makes me feel very happy. While I know rainy days are needed for beautiful flowers, drinking water and much more, sometimes numerous cloudy days can seriously affect your mood.

I once had a conversation with a teacher friend of mine a long time ago and we were talking about the weather and how it affects moods. She told me she had Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or seasonal depression.

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I'm Still Here: An Empath's Week During Mercury Retrograde

It's been a heck of week so far, however, I was prepared. I knew Mercury was going retrograde and a full moon is coming soon. Whenever these events occur, you should definitely always put on your seat belt because it gets bumpy.

My husband had two giant painful NO's all on one day this week, and being an empath myself, I endured his pain with him. People with a great deal of empathy for others are often called "empaths". An empath often feels what others feel and sometimes it can really be strong. I cried for him because my heart literally hurt. This often happens when someone I love is hurt as well. I also prayed for him, sent funny Bitmoji text messages, called him the rest of the day and pulled an oracle card for him. The oracle card said "Decisions".

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Carolyn's Curiosity: Are You Being Curious Enough?

Lately I've been craving documentaries. From The Beatles Eight Days a Week, to Room 237 (about The Shining theories and conspiracies) to ocean life films to the Weird Wonders of the World. I love documentaries because I can learn a lot from the comfort of my own home. I am a very visual learner, so that's why documentaries are very much in tune with my style of learning. I don't know why I became curious about these specific topics recently, but I did, so I went with it.

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Be the Lotus: Rise Above the Muddy Ponds

Pond (verb): To hold back or dam up  (

There are a lot of sad people in the world, struggling with life in such a way that they can barely get out of bed. Each little event that happens that is not in their favor eats away at them and causes misery. The misery starts what I call a "ponding" effect.

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How To Do What You Wanna Do

"It's your thing, do what you wanna do." --- The Isley Brothers

I love music and the lyrics often speak to me very loudly. I then have to figure out what they mean to me and how to translate them into my own world.

Today I will blend together a few things that I've been interested in lately (ocean creatures from some Netflix documentaries I've been watching, "Octopus's Garden" by the Beatles and the thoughts of my next steps in life) to bring you more art and writing. Art and writing that tells you you CAN do it all. Maybe not all at once, but you can do what you want to do.

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It's Time for a Monkey Inventory

As soon as I woke up this morning, the song "Monkey" by George Michael rang loud and clear in my mind. Why, on earth did this random song come to me first thing in the morning? The only thing I could think of is my mom asked our Alexa (on our Amazon Dot) a question about monkeys yesterday and the word stuck in my mind.

After waking up a little more, I looked up the lyrics to the song. The songs seems to be about a person that is in love with someone. The particular someone loves them back, but is also in a relationship with someone else. That person is named the "monkey".  The "monkey" person doesn't come across as being a terrific person. They toy with hearts and break them. Doesn't sound fun to me. The main character in the song said they are tired of sharing their "baby with a monkey" and I think that was very wise of them.

I decided to write this post based on the concept sang in the song because it is something that happens all the time. People hang around "monkeys" that toy with their hearts. I know people do it in friendships and romantic relationships. All that back and forth is completely exhausting. I had a relationship once that ended up being an unhealthy "monkey" situation.

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New Beginnings Are Here

Spring is settling in.

The feelings of new birth in the air.

Fate has determined that new beginnings are ever so present.

Patience is key to the unveiling of a sparkling new future for the both of you.

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Where There's a No, There Will Be a Yay

I've been rejected so many times in my life that I have completely lost count. My theory? Rejections absolutely stink, but the more you are rejected, the easier it gets.

I used to get very bent out of shape when I was rejected. The worst rejection came from a job I applied for years ago. I was applying to be an arts coordinator in the school district I was already teaching in. I knew the district very well, had been called upon by the district arts director to help numerous times, and loved art more than anything. I had a lot of confidence in knowing I would at least score one interview. 

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