Save the Drama for Your Mama: A Secret for Getting it Out of Your Life Forever

Humans create drama. Period.

Want to know a secret on how to stop drama in it's tracks? STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

We all know what drama is. It's usually a story about an event that occurred and gets so blown out of proportion that we go on and on and on about it.

Humans get so wrapped up in their own lives and how this or that is so awful or so terrible, that they create their own drama. I see it everyday on social media. I heard it on a daily basis when I worked in an office and in a teaching environment. I hear about it in family situations.

Instead of talking non-stop about this drama, why don't we start doing something about it?

An example I saw recently on Facebook: Someone was ranting about how another woman was looking at her husband at the gym. I saw the rant and then thought, why? Why don't you stop and think that maybe that woman really didn't look at your husband and the thought was just created in your mind because of a personal insecurity? Or, could the woman have maybe thought she knew the man? Here's a thought to try next time: Ignore the woman. You'll probably never see her again. Know that you are an awesome and amazing person that is married to a great individual and feel lucky and be thankful you are married to such a great man who probably had no clue the woman was looking at him (if she even really was!).

The reason I titled this "Save the Drama for your Mama" is because sometimes you can't just ignore a recurring thought that is about to become drama. I completely get that! In the case you have to talk about something (so it doesn't become drama), call your Mom! My mom always will listen to me go on and on. I know she doesn't always listen (she has ADD), but she's willing to try, even when she doesn't understand.

Don't have a mama to tell all the drama to? Call your drama designated friend. I have my husband and a handful of non-judgemental close friends that I could also release my pent up words to. Talking about it is a great way to get it out so you can move on. If what you are talking about ends up being something that needs a solution, maybe one of the people you talk to can help you come up with one.

I understand some humans think social media is the best way to get their drama out of their system. I will have to take a stand on that and say I don't agree with that. Posting it is putting it out there forever. Even when you feel better, it's still out there lingering around in the internet world. Try this instead: Once you type it out, wait 5-10 minutes. I bet you will feel better (because you got it out) and you will feel no need to post it.

Here's to a drama free world! (Or, at least, perhaps a start. Here's to hoping!)


Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden "Save the Drama for Your Mama"

Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden "Save the Drama for Your Mama"