Emotions Drifting Like Clouds on a Windy Day: How to Ride the Wind

My husband came inside tonight after trying to install a new sump pump. His back was all covered in water. He immediately said "The universe is playing tricks on me!". I said "Well, there is a full moon this week, so that could be it. What happened?"

Tommy went on to tell me he forgot to clamp something and the hose went flying through the air and soaked him. He also had several other minor issues (like the basement door hasp broke too), but he wasn't mad.  He could have gotten incredibly frustrated, angry and decided he was just going to quit for the night, but instead, he laughed about it.

We ate dinner and he is currently outside right now finishing the job. This isn't his first sump pump install, so he'll get it. The door hasp? Another easy fix.

While he was outside, I began to draw clouds in my sketchbook and the phrase "Emotions drifting like clouds on a windy day" popped into my head. Maybe some of the poetry I read today infused my brain and maybe Tommy's awesome reaction to his situation hit my heart in a good way.

'Tis true, emotions do come up all day, every day for people. Here's my thought: How we deal with the emotions is the key to having an easy time here on earth.

Throughout my life, I've seen some people get so angry that I could physically see them about to explode. I've worked hard to remove myself from that situation and then prayed for the person. I knew I couldn't control them or their reaction, but I knew I could control mine.

Here are some ways to deal with very strong emotions as they come up.

  • Feel the emotions

  • Cry if you need to cry, laugh if you need to laugh, yell if you need to yell (please, please do this alone or warn people around you before you yell).

  • Take some very deep breaths. There are some breathing videos on YouTube. Just search "breathing meditations" and try a few.

  • Exercise

  • Pray

  • Listen to music

  • Call a close friend or family member to talk (Be respectful of their time. If you find yourself talking to people about the same situation over and over again, see my suggestion below regarding therapy)

Try different techniques for different emotions until you find a great combo that works for you. Then write them in a journal, type them into your phone, or find some way to keep them near by for reference as needed. For example, when you get frustrated, try running or doing some high impact exercise. That's a combo that works great for me.

If the emotions are getting in the way of you living your normal life:

Talk to a therapist or a doctor (because sometimes you may be experiencing such big emotions that a professional is the only person that can help). I am a huge believer in therapy, as I've been a consumer of it on and off throughout my entire life.

Therapy isn't something you have to do forever. You set goals and then go to them until you've accomplished your goal. A professional can give you an estimate of how many sessions or visits would be best for your situation.

Some won't go to therapy because they say it's too costly. Is your health really not worth the money? Some say they won't go to therapy because it's too time consuming. Again, is your health not worth the time? Go if you need it!

Some companies offer Employee Assistance Program where you can see a therapist for free. If you don't know if your company has an EAP, talk to someone in Human Resources or speak with your health insurance company.

I "Feel the feels" and encourage others to do so too. It's completely natural, healthy and yes, NORMAL to have many feelings and emotions. Sometimes they happen all in one day, sometimes they happen occasionally. However they occur, ride that wind.

Carolyn Braden Emotions Drifting.JPG