The Queen of Love By Carolyn J. Braden

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The Queen of Love woke up one day to a voice calling her name.

It also said “Get up, go out, and play that game!”


She rolled over, threw the covers over her head.

Then she shouted "Go away! I'm tired. Pick on someone else instead!"


The voice persisted, it was really loud indeed.

It picked and it prodded her until she finally decided to concede.


She stood up and exclaimed "Fine then! I'm awake!"

The voice spoke again, "Write and create. The world is at stake."


The Queen of Love was a writer and artist at heart,

but she had other obligations, so she asked the voice "Where do I start?"


The voice whispered in her ear “Simply follow your heart my dear.”


She struggled with this for years on end.

When she finally figured out what the voice meant, it was hard to comprehend.


“Cast aside my obligations, quit my job? That’s crazy!” she exclaimed.

“You must.” said the voice. “Don’t worry. You’ll never be maimed.”


So, the Queen of Love planned and leapt towards her heart.

The voice said again “Keep going. You are off to a great start.”


She made new friends, but was rejected too.

She persisted, yet felt torn, abandoned and blue.


“Why do I need to keep doing this?” she wondered.

“You’ve got this. Keep going.” the voice thundered.


The Queen of Love cast aside her fears and continued to create for weeks and days.

Then, her phone rang and a voice said “Hello, I’m Mrs. Mays.”


“Hello Mrs. Mays. I’m the Queen of Love. Are you looking for me?”

Mrs. Mays replied “I am, yes. It’s time to spread your wings, you see.”


And so, the Queen of Love was given a chance of a lifetime.

It made her feel like she was full of glitter and rainbows and sunshine.


The moral of the story, you ask?

The Queen of Love is up to the task.


One day you too may be called to take a leap of love.

Listen to your heart, don’t allow push to come to shove.


Take a giant step towards faith, you won’t regret it one bit.

You’ve got the courage, the strength and all kinds of grit.

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