The Difference Between Anger and Frustration (And How To Deal!)

To anyone that truly knows me and my heart, they know I am not an angry person. I've only been told by one person in my entire life that I was angry. It's happened a couple of times by that same person. It shocks me to my core each time because in each instance, they've said it and then ran away without letting me explain. Each time they've been successful in running, but one of the two times, I've been able to seek them out and tell them my feelings. The second time, I decided to let it slide because I knew it would not have mattered and probably only would have made them run away again. Let me say this too. Each time, I was not angry. I was frustrated with the person, but I was not angry. Do I get angry? No. I get frustrated from time to time, but I don't get angry. I think anger is a feeling you get when you don't talk about things. I always talk about things! I love to talk!

With this all being said, I had a thought today about people that accuse others of being angry. When someone accuses you of being angry, could it be perhaps themselves who are angry because they aren't talking about their feelings or dealing with things in their life?

I wonder if there are people who walk around with the weight of their emotions on their shoulders for so long, they start to think that everyone around them is angry. They start to think that every tense situation, every time they are questioned, every time someone doesn't greet them with the happiest attitude, is someone that is just acting angrily towards them.

That thought led me to this next one. We, as a society, need to, HAVE TO, find positive ways to release feelings, rather than on each other. If society doesn't, they will resort to taking their own anger out onto others that don't deserve it. Or worse, their health will deteriorate, they could fall into depression, and more.

My wish is for people to start to think about how they can deal with their emotions in a better way. When you find that way, you must be consistent about it. You have to make time for it. You have to want to make time for it.

Here is how I deal with frustrated feelings:

  • Talk it out with the person IF they will allow it.
  • If they don't allow it, then I write, draw, exercise, talk with a friend or family member

One thing that also helps me deal with frustration is making a list of what makes me frustrated. When I read through the list, I realized that I get frustrated when people won't talk to me or let me talk to them. When I am being ignored and not allowed to talk through things, I don't like it.

I highly recommend making a list of what makes you stressed, frustrated, happy, sad, etc. and make a plan on ways to deal with your feelings when they hit. Then, perhaps, share the list with someone you love or work with so they are aware of what makes you tick emotionally.

The world needs us. Our family needs us. Our co-workers need us. TO BE HAPPY. Are you allowed to not be happy all the time? Of course! We were given many different feelings for a reason. However, if you are having more stressed out, sad, and frustrated feelings, you must make a change. You must do it before you make the next happy person you cross while you are angry, a sad person.