Budding Truths: My Eating Disorder Battle

We all have many secrets. There are some people that don't wish to share their secrets, and that's fine. I am one, however, that can't stand secrets. Whenever someone says "now, don't tell....." I instantly get very uncomfortable. If you don't want me to repeat it ever again to anyone, then please don't tell me. It's not that I'm a gossip, I just don't like secrets. I love openness.

Recently I was guided to be even more open and tell some of my "secrets" to the world. My "secret" will now become a "truth". I call it a "budding" truth because I am still healing from it. The more I talk about it though, the more I bloom into who I am supposed to be. Someone who shares their truths to help others. Maybe my truth could help someone else who may be dealing/have dealt with the same issues too.

Here is my truth about the struggles I had with my family life growing up which lead to serious eating disorders.

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