Thank You for the Strength, Numbers.

I believe there is strength in numbers. When we are about to make great new changes in our lives, we must tell others. The more we tell, the better. When we do, their positive thoughts and words of encouragement help us to keep going and achieve greatness. The more positive thoughts are put out into the world, the more positive actions occur.

I am thankful for the kind words people send my way to keep me headed in a new direction. Your words motivate me and help me know I am on the right path.

Just today I received a message from someone I used to work with. She saw my social media postings but didn't know I quit my job, and wondered what I was doing now. I was able to tell her I am working on my art, we are selling our house, buying an RV, traveling and starting some businesses. She immediately said "How awesome!" and "Best of luck to you!" among some other positive words. This simple gesture of reaching out and then responding in such a positive way has a big effect on me and I am thankful for the encouragement.

I am also thankful to those that tell me I need to stop living in my dream world or think it. Their words and thoughts make me understand that my way of dreaming is one they don't understand, but need to try. They make me understand that people like me are definitely needed in this world.

I once had someone tell me I was living in a dream world when I discussed my future plans with them. I didn't say anything because I knew this person was someone that I could not change with my words. However, I know my actions may help this person in the long run. I keep pushing and I know they are watching me. When I succeed, I think they may adjust their thinking a little. If not, I at least hope they will stop deterring people from achieving their dreams.

If anyone out there has ever been told to stop pursuing your dreams by any number of people, push them out of the way and keep going in the direction of your heart. Listen to the number of people that do support you and say wonderful, positive things. For they are the strongest and the ones that count the most.

Art by Carolyn J. Braden

Art by Carolyn J. Braden