Good Vibrations: 3 Healthy Ways To Rise Up

Ever been around someone for a while and after leaving their presence, you feel drained? What about a particular environment such as an office, someone's home, or a large crowd? I know that all of us have and it is sometimes very difficult to recover from.

Most humans do not intentionally seek to drain other people of their energy. I think some humans have so much going on in their mind that it produces vibes that take a hold of others, thus lowering the other's energy.

Environments are draining sometimes because of the collected thoughts of the people in them. If you are in an office environment where layoffs are an everyday thing, the fearful thoughts of everyone there can add up to be highly draining.

These draining people and environments are definitely producing low vibrations, which lower humans vibrations. After being around low vibration humans and environments myself, I adopted several ways to rise my vibration.

1. Sage

Burn some sage around you and around your home. The smoke acts to grab a hold of the negativity and allow it to float away.

You can purchase sage in many health food stores, on Amazon and more. If you don't like the smoke produced by sage, there are other options such as sage spray (I've purchased some on Etsy) or try burning Palo Santo wood sticks in lieu of sage.

2. Pray

Pray by talking out loud, saying prayers in your mind, writing it down, singing or whatever works for you. Say your own prayers (whatever comes to your mind can be prayer) or say some prayers that are already in existence. Prayer can be powerful, especially when done in groups.

If you don't want to pray, try meditation instead. Many have told me meditation is hard because their own thoughts sneak in. I always tell them that is completely normal! Then I recommend guided meditations. There are some great guided meditations on YouTube. Guided meditations are good because they guide you thorough thoughts and help clear your mind.

3. Dance

Put on some of your favorite jams and get moving! The benefits of dancing is endless. It's fun, it's a form of exercise, and more. Some people say they don't dance because they can't. That is just an excuse--who says you can't dance? Maybe your way of movement doesn't look like that of a professional who has studied dancing for years, but it doesn't mean what you do isn't dancing. If you don't dance because you may feel embarrassed, then dance alone in your home. Eventually maybe you'll get enough confidence to take it outside!

Don't feel like dancing? Then just listen to the music. You may get into the mood to dance after listening to the music for a while.

Of course, there are many other options for raising your vibration. These are three quick ways that work for me. What are some healthy ways you raise your vibration?

 Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden--Good Vibrations

Sketch by Carolyn J. Braden--Good Vibrations