Instructional Design By Carolyn

Lesson: How to Create an "about me" webpage using squarespace

This is a sampling of some of the instructional design I enjoy creating. I love working on a learning project from start to finish-and all the organization that goes along with it. From project management, to the creation of documents, to seeing it in action, it's all fun to me. I like to tell stories, use gamification and keep learning as creative as possible, without sacrificing quality or comprehension. The learners are the most important factor to me. I will often put myself in their position and think while designing "Is this something I would enjoy learning?".

If my answer is yes, then I know I'm on the right track.

The documents below are samples of a project I created. Though it is not a real project, the intent is to show some of my skills in instructional design, or "Learning Experience" design. In this lesson, I decided to teach something technical in 60 minutes or less. I chose to teach learners how to create an "About Me" page using SquareSpace. The links below will connect you to the documents that are hosted on DropBox. The CBT (Project Document 3) was created in Captivate. This was saved and uploaded to DropBox as a .EXE file, therefore it may need to be downloaded to your computer first and then opened.

Not all documents to be used with this lesson are listed below. Contact me if you would like the full list of documents.

Design Document?Initial Project Contact Form

Design Document?Initial Project Contact Form

Project Document 1

This is the design document that describes the needed project/initiation per the “client”.

Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide

Project Document 2

This is to be used by the facilitator before and during the training. It has full training instructions.

Carolyn Braden Captivate File.jpg

Project document 3

This is a CBT that is for the learners to practice the technical skill. Please Note: This may need to be saved to your computer prior to viewing. It may not be able to be viewed on mobile devices.