Creative Consulting by Carolyn

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What is creative consulting?

From Carolyn: "I help people solve problems using my creativity. Whether it's the problem of how much food you need to serve a crowd of 50 to how to organize difficult information in a way for people to be able to understand it better. I truly enjoy helping make people's lives and jobs easier."

How carolyn helps people creatively:

Design and create cakes, interior design, event planning, marketing, project and program management, children's book illustrations, graphic design, floral design, job shadowing (teaching others about what she does and how to grow their own career), computer-based training, graphic design (including logos, website design etc), in-person training materials (facilitator guides, PowerPoints, assessments, pre and post class surveys and follow-ups), idea creation and implementation (ex./how to simplify processes), etc.

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Don't need creative consulting right now? Explore her site to get ideas on how to add creativity into your life. Have an amazing day!