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Carolyn’s first how-to video debuted in January 2008.

The video? How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake.

The inspiration? The upcoming birth of her beautiful niece, Aubrey.

A former art teacher, Carolyn loves teaching others how to be more creative, and her how-to videos allowed her to do this on a larger scale. She even made one for HGTV and was featured on their show That’s Clever!

This page showcases some of her favorite videos. Visit her YouTube page to see all of her videos!


HOw to make a baby diaper cake

With over a million views on YouTube, this video has helped many create a cute and helpful gift to give new parents!

Carolyn created it in 2008, inspired by the upcoming birth of her niece. At the time, there weren’t any other YouTube videos on how to create this craft. Carolyn found a step-by- step blog about how to create a baby diaper cake, but it wasn’t as easy to follow as she would have liked. She experimented and figured out how to create one on her own and wanted to share what she learned with others in a big way. Therefore, her first YouTube video was created!

Baby Diaper Cake by Carolyn J. Braden

Baby Diaper Cake by Carolyn J. Braden

Art, cupcakes, invitations, party favors and baby diaper cake by Carolyn J. Braden

Art, cupcakes, invitations, party favors and baby diaper cake by Carolyn J. Braden

How to Make Baby Sock Roses

Awaiting the arrival of her nephew, Carolyn explored a new baby themed craft. She was looking for similar shower decoration like the baby diaper cake, but wanted one that could also be useful for the mother. After researching and researching, she saw the craft baby sock roses, and thought it was a cute idea. She was unsuccessful at finding a how-to video that explained it in an easy way. So, once again, she experiment and came up with her own method. Thus, the video, How to Make Baby Sock Roses, was born!

How to make a Fascinator

This video was inspired by a Kentucky Derby event Carolyn was going to. She made one, wore it and was the talk of the night. She even won “best hat” at the party! She figured others may like to know how to make one for a party or their wedding, so she made a tutorial. She was right, as many creators have watched the video and created their own—inexpensively! Her video was also featured on Bustle.com!

How to make a festive Flower arrangement

Carolyn has made many flower arrangements and bouquets for local events (and even friend’s weddings) over the years, so she finally made a tutorial for others to see how easy it is! Knowing how pricey bouquets and flower arrangements are, Carolyn thought showing others how easy making their own could also help save some money!

Carolyn J Braden Flower Arrangement (4).JPG

See some more awesome flower arrangements Carolyn has created over the years below the video!