7 Day #MealPlanning with Carolyn - 9/8/18 to 9/14/18

I meal plan my dinners for seven nights every Friday, so I figured I'd pass along the work I do to help others!

Use my planning as a guide to help you plan meals, or use my plans as is.

Most meals I plan are vegetarian, plant-based or vegan, but when the recipes I choose aren't, I make adjustments to suit our dietary needs. You can do the same!

Here are links to the meals I plan to create for dinner for the week of Saturday, 9/8 to Friday, 9/14

  1. Cucumber Avocado Spring Rolls via Naturally Ella

  2. Sesame Green Beans with Quinoa and Eggs via Naturally Ella

  3. Magic Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes via ME (Recipe coming soon!)

  4. Crispy Lemon Cauliflower via Chocolate Covered Katie

  5. Brinner for Dinner: Better than Paris Crepes via Lauren's Latest

  6. Jerk Chickpea Wraps with Habanero Aioli via Oh My Veggies

  7. Night off from cooking

  8. Snack or breakfast option: Chocolate Peanut Butter Oats with a Protein Punch via ME!

Need more meal plans already created for you? Check out Carolyn's Daily Dishes for a weekly list of "what's cookin'" in my home, plus links to the recipes!

See how my meals turn out by checking out my Instagram feed!

Want to know more about meal planning? Check out this Tips and Tricks guide to see how I meal plan. Use my ideas or be inspired by them!