7 Day Vegan and Vegetarian #MealPlanning with Carolyn - 1/26/19 to 2/1/19

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Graphic by Carolyn J. Braden, Media: Microsoft PowerPoint

Graphic by Carolyn J. Braden, Media: Microsoft PowerPoint

I meal plan my dinners for seven nights every Friday, so I figured I'd pass along the work I do to help others!

Use my planning as a guide to help you plan meals, or use my plans as is.

Most meals I plan are vegetarian, plant-based or vegan, but when the recipes I choose aren't, I make adjustments to suit our dietary needs. You can do the same!

FYI: None of the following recipes in this post are sponsored.

All recipes I have listed are ones I’ve chosen to make myself.

Here are links to the meals I plan to create for dinner for the week of Saturday, 1/26 to Friday, 2/1


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  1. Vegan Franks N’ Beans Hot Dogs via ME!

  2. Vegan Apple Cheddar, Bacon Tempeh, Spinach “Baked” Potatoes via ME

  3. Vegan Italian Stallion Chickpeas with Roasted Tomato Smothered Penne via ME

  4. Vegan Street Corn Nachos via Rabbit and Wolves

  5. Vegan Black Bean Enchilada Soup via Chocolate Covered Katie

  6. Better Than Paris Crepes via Lauren’s Latest (Yep, I make these all the time and LOVE them! I use vegan Earth Balance butter, Bob’s Red Mill 1x1 gluten free flour, egg whites and coconut sugar when making them to fit our dietary needs)

  7. Dessert option: Copy Cat Krispy Kreme Donuts via Cooking Classy

  8. Night off

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Want to know more about meal planning? Check out this Tips and Tricks guide to see how I meal plan. Use my ideas or be inspired by them!

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