Numbers, Numbers, Who's Got the Numbers?: How to Hear Your Messages

9:37 has been my natural wake-up time lately. In the past, I would have considered this specific time to be a random occurrence, but not anymore. Now I know there is much more to it. I now understand the numbers as being messages from my Angels, God and my Spirit Team.

Number sequences (like 11:11, 12:12 or 12:34, 2:22, 3:33, etc.) have stood out to me for years. After deciding they were not random occurrences, I moved into a practice of making wishes or praying during the number sequences. Then I removed the wish practice and concentrated on praying.

Lately, I've done even more with the number sequences. I went through a phase for a while of looking up what the numbers meant until I spoke with my Reiki coach/mentor. She suggested I start writing down what is occurring around me and in my life when the number sequence appears to me.

I did just that and ended up with a one page reference sheet that represented each number's meaning for me. It took a while, but as the same number kept appearing when I was engaged in the same activities, it all started to match up. As I type this now, 1:11 just came up. For me the number one represents "usually with Tommy (my husband), relaxing or with people who love and care for me." and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Sitting beside my husband. He is working and I am writing. And we love each other. Perfect.

I encourage you to try this practice. Looking up the numbers online are a great way to get started, but eventually I encourage you to start defining your own meanings for the numbers. Our Spirit Teams are not telling us all the exact same things, so getting into the practice of figuring out what numbers mean to you, as an individual, can help you even more.

I wrote the numbers (and what they meant to me) like this:

  • 1: Usually with Tommy, relaxing, or with people who love and care for me.
  • 2: Job done, usually successful at something
  • 3: Inner monologue, talking to God, talking to others, talking to Angels/Spirit Team
  • 4: Gratitude, animals, satisfied, peaceful, rainbows
  • 5: Food, awakening
  • 6: Growing me, showcasing me
  • 7: Difficult decisions, decisions, getting ready for change
  • 8: Peace, Quiet, travel
  • 9: House, home
  • 10: Moving forward

As you can see, I recorded what I was doing, how I was feeling or what I was seeing with each number. I've only recorded 1-10, and haven't felt a need to record anything higher than that. I feel this was great starting place for me and maybe eventually I'll record higher sequences.

I love catching my numbers now. I still pray when I see the numbers, but I also like to use them as guidance or as good words from my Spirit Team. For example, after doing a volunteer activity this past Saturday, I saw many 2's. I felt like my Spirit Team was saying "Good job" to me. When I see many 7's come up, I use that as a guide to be on the look out for some changes or decision making to occur. I don't dwell on the numbers, but it's nice to feel like I have a team helping me a little.

When I see other number sequences that fall out of the double or triple identical pattern, I started looking up what they were in biblical terms. As I wrote earlier, I've been waking up to 9:37 lately. When I looked this up in the bible, I was guided to the verse "Jesus answered, 'You have seen him; in fact, he is the one speaking with you.'" (John)

For me, this verse does speak loudly. With not having the buzz of other's opinions and crazy office life surrounding me constantly anymore, all kinds of words and ideas spring into my mind. I then use my writing and my art to convey what I hear. I've always felt like God was talking to me/guiding me, but kept it to myself, until recently. I thought: "How could someone be spoken to by God and how on earth would anyone believe me if I said I was?" This bible passage caused me to read the entire story, which tells me it IS possible I am being spoken to.

The story (my interpretation): A man is blind and everyone in town thinks either he or his parents had to be sinners for this to occur to him. Then, Jesus heals him. When he can see again, there is a buzz around town and the gossip spreads: No one believes that he was healed by Christ, or even spoke with Him. They basically call him a liar and can't believe he was special enough to be healed or even be spoken to by the son of God, so they push him out of the city. When Jesus hears this, he goes to the man. Jesus basically tells the man "Who cares what they say. You have seen me, I am speaking with you."

I love this. It tells us this: It is possible for someone, no matter who they are, to receive messages from God, Angels and a Spirit Team because I know WE ALL DO. We just are so busy worrying about other people's lives (like in the bible story), caught up in gossip and other menial stuff that we forget to stop and listen.

We all need to start slowing down and not worrying about being on top/being first/not being last. Let's all start to hear the messages and get back to being who we were meant to be. When you start to slow down a little, you'll hear the messages, and maybe even see number sequences. When you do, start saying prayers during this time, look up the numbers and maybe try recording what they mean to you like I did. Start to reconnect to your spiritual side and see where it takes you. What's the worst that could happen? You become less stressed, less worried and happier? (That's what happened to me!)

Sounds good to me.


Art by Carolyn J. Braden

Art by Carolyn J. Braden