Get Outta Your Mind: 3 Ways to Remove Seriousness and Welcome Silliness

Get outta your mind. It's seriously good for your brain.

We constantly have an internal monologue playing inside our brains. Sometimes I wonder if my life is truly just a movie being narrated by Jim Carrey because I often have super silly thoughts running through my mind.

Seriousness gets to be too much sometimes. When I compose a heartfelt writing piece, sometimes I'll follow up with a silly Snapchat session with my husband to switch back on the fun. I have to have the balance and give my brain a break!

Besides my serious and silly thoughts, I also think of romantic thoughts, sad thoughts and other types of thoughts more non-stop. We all do. It's healthy and good to have an internal monologue playing in our minds, however, sometimes it's good to step outside your own brain. I like to hear what my own mind is telling me, but sometimes I like to turn it off. Even if only for a little while.

These are three things I love to do to step away from my brain and into fun:

  1. Listen to music: I know music has a lot of messages in it, so when I really need to turn off my brain, I'll listen to fun party music like LMFAO or Lil Jon. Even then, sometimes, my brain sneaks in, but it's okay. Lil Jon's fun lyrics to Get Outta Your Mind inspired this writing piece. Welcome Lil Jon and your inspirational words on how to have more fun!
  2. Talk to friends and family: Sometimes you just need to hang out with your friends and talk about nothing-ness. I like to play games with them when I truly need to get my mind focused on something else. Old school video games that involve the Super Mario Bros. are my fav!
  3. Watch a comedy or funny online videos: Ever go down a rabbit hole of watching funny cat videos? I definitely have. It's okay though. Sometimes we just gotta do it.

After I give myself a break, my brain is so thankful! I can easily sit back down and concentrate on whatever I need to. Try to get out of your mind sometimes. I promise it works!

Note: One of my favorite videos that helps me get outta my mind is from So You Think You Can Dance by Alex Wong and Twitch. Alex is a professional dancer, but at the time he performed this dance, he was a professional ballet dancer that left his company to be on the show. He proved he definitely could dance ANY style and won me over with his super dance talents. Him leaving his ballet company was awesomely brave, but paid off in my mind!

Art by Carolyn J. Braden

Art by Carolyn J. Braden