How to Be A Powerful Courageous Peacock

 I don't know who originally said these following words, but they ring very true:

Get up

Dress up

Show up


never give up.

I have a friend who was once told (by a female corporate leader) that she looked too nice for work. She didn't use these exact words, but the words the leader chose still made my friend feel like she was making everyone else in the office feel bad because she looked too good. My friend was pretty shocked. It stuck with her and still has to this day.

My friend is absolutely beautiful and dresses to the nines'. The only thing I can gather is that the leader was very jealous of her. This is a huge shame to think one woman would look down on another woman because of the way she looked.  Even when she looks fabulous! My friend responded perfectly. She said something clever (dismissing the rude comment with grace), laughed it off, and CONTINUES to look her very best in the office every day.

There is something to be said for holding your head high with confidence, looking your very best and standing out in a crowd. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are able to tackle most anything thrown your way. You feel powerful, strong, courageous and more.

I highly encourage anyone to dress to impress---YOURSELF. Wear what makes YOU feel awesome. Style your hair the way YOU like. Wear fun colored nail polish if YOU like it. I've had women compliment my hair color (a pinkish-red) and then say "I would love to dye my hair a fun color, but....." then they give me an excuse. I tell them every time, no matter the excuse "GO FOR IT. DO IT." Unless your excuse is that there is a written policy against it at your school or job, there should be no reason why you shouldn't dye your hair, wear certain clothes, wear makeup, or look how you want to look.

Don't be fearful of what others say. Too many humans live their lives in fear. It's time to take back your power and be that courageous peacock now. Stand tall, be proud and show off your beautiful feathers!


Painting (Watercolor and India Ink on Paper) by Carolyn J. Braden: Powerful Courageous Peacocks

Painting (Watercolor and India Ink on Paper) by Carolyn J. Braden: Powerful Courageous Peacocks