I'm Still Here: An Empath's Week During Mercury Retrograde

It's been a heck of week so far, however, I was prepared. I knew Mercury was going retrograde and a full moon is coming soon. Whenever these events occur, you should definitely always put on your seat belt because it gets bumpy.

My husband had two giant painful NO's all on one day this week, and being an empath myself, I endured his pain with him. People with a great deal of empathy for others are often called "empaths". An empath often feels what others feel and sometimes it can really be strong. I cried for him because my heart literally hurt. This often happens when someone I love is hurt as well. I also prayed for him, sent funny Bitmoji text messages, called him the rest of the day and pulled an oracle card for him. The oracle card said "Decisions".

With that oracle card, we understood we did, in fact have some decisions to make. We took a couple of days to "feel the feels" and brainstorm. In the middle of all this feeling and brainstorming, I needed a break and decided to draw. I came across a fake tattoo of a feather I placed in my sketchbook bag for inspiration a while back. It was time to draw the feather. Feathers have been a showing up a lot lately.

I believe objects are sent to us, or are brought to our line of vision more easily, when we are going through or about to go through big changes in our life. I believe they are signs that our angels, spirit guides or even God (or whatever spiritual being you believe in) send to us to let us know they are still there and we are on the right path. I've found these "random" things throughout my life. I found an angel charm hanging on my house door right before I was about to get married. I found a "Footsteps in the Sand" poem card folded up inside the fireplace when I moved into my new home. I found flowers (large hydrangea flowers) all right outside my home one particularly tough week this past summer. They were torn off a bush from somewhere, but were torn in such a way that I could put them in a vase. Recently, I've been finding feathers, crystals, and keys EVERYWHERE.

This particular feather I drew this week came with a saying. I did automatic writing (writing without thinking about it-just letting the pencil go) and wrote the following:

Drifting by to let you know that I'm still here.

Since it has been raining non-stop in my home town this week, and I haven't been able to walk outside, this was my symbol and words from my spirit team during my husband and my tough week. They are still here and definitely let me know. I said out loud "Yep, okay team, got it!" and was satisfied in knowing that we are still being watched over, protected and being guided in the right direction.

As we all go through tough weeks, Mercury Retrograde or not, I hope that we can all remember to feel the feels, make plans and understand we have a spirit team by our sides, cheering us on. As far as my husband and I, we brainstormed and now will pray upon Plan 3, since the two big "No's" he got was our Plan 1 and Plan 2. I believe it will be the best one for us because our hearts tell us so. And our hearts guide us to the best things in life.

Art by Carolyn J. Braden: I'm Still Here

Art by Carolyn J. Braden: I'm Still Here